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"What I first loved and appreciated was Jill's very logical and practical approach of " trying on the whole darn closest", sending a good portion to goodwill and creating new options with the keepers! As a result of that session she was a quick study, learning my current style preference and quietly estimating just how far she'd need to stretch me outside my comfort zone. Our first shopping trip at Nordstrom's was the most fun clothes shopping I have ever experienced. Jill had a very large dressing room packed with styles and brands that her trained eyes knew would have a very good chance of making me look my best. Not only did Jill pair up a leopard skirt with red top, but created outfits that move easily for from work to casual and with so many spring colors. A stop in the shoe department completed each outfit we'd purchased. Facing my closet from then on was an exciting adventure. Jill's advice on trending styles instilled confidence that I hadn't felt for a very long time. I recommend Jill to anyone who needs to completely redo their wardrobe or just needs a seasonal upgrade. The best decision I've made in a long time."

"I can't even tell you the excitement I had, as I anticipated the first time we worked together on my closet! I knew that the way I dressed was fine but I wanted to be more "put together" more "polished" and to be able to add that little extra pizzazz to my wardrobe - I would need some help, and there you were! Our time together sorting through my closet was so liberating, like a weight had been lifted. It has been so wonderful working with you on my style journey and it is nice to have an unbiased opinion as I am trying things on. I have learned so much from you during a short time frame, what "styles" or "cuts" of clothing look good on my body type, pattern mixing (I would have NEVER done that on my own), how to add "pops" of color to finish a look, but most importantly I now have confidence in what I am wearing - even though I am a bigger size! You have made it so much fun for me to get dressed each day that I now look forward to choosing which fun put together look I am going to wear! The compliments have gone from "cute top" to "wow, I love that whole look you have going on". "

"Today was awesome, on so many levels.  I love the confidence and the thought you have brought to my wardrobe.  I am honestly pleased!  It was so fun to put everything away and see the items you created."

"I just wanted to thank you for your consultation in "my closet".  I was almost embarrassed by the amount of clothes I really do have considering my daily battle of "I have nothing to wear."  Today, I went right to my closet and had the most adorable outfit to put on thanks to you.  The pieces were always there I just couldn't see them together."

"You have an amazing eye for fashion. I always felt like I dressed fine but I wasn't one of those people who looked incredibly fashionable.  For example before you came to my home I wore the exact same black shirt and necklace three days in a row!  In my hurried lifestyle it was easier to wear the same thing than try and be creative to find something else."

"You have brought a confidence and organization to my life and wardrobe.  I can not possibly thank you enough."

"Just wanted to let you know everyday I open the book you made for me and pick out an outfit. I have worn your creations all week!  To say nothing of loving the outfits, you can't imagine the time this book of mine is saving me.  No more trying on a million things and still being frustrated.  Also, went to T.J. Maxx and it was the best feeling that I didn't need to buy a thing!  You have truly made my life nicer."

"Thank you for the time you spent at my home helping me find the "hidden treasures" I had right under my nose in my closet.  As you can tell, I have a lot of clothes to choose from, however,  I don't always know how to put them together to maximize what I do have.  Your service was so helpful because now I feel like I have new clothes and I didn't even need to buy anything new!  You are right on top of the latest fashion trends and helped me feel confident wearing what I already have but making it look trendy.  The wardrobe book you provide with your service is great because it helps to eliminate the thought involved in putting together an outfit in a pinch.  I have also found by using what is in the book I can come up with other combinations that I would not normally have thought of just by looking what you did."

"You have been so easy to work with; always smiling and you really enjoy your work! You were so considerate about the "fear" of having someone come into my closet. You gave me several "Style Tips" in my photo book and put together 22 outfits for me without duplicating anything I already had worn or put together myself. Almost every outfit had a second accessory option and/or a different bottom to go with the top. My husband loved the fact that I have 22+ "new" outfits to wear. I also came up with ideas on my own from your "tips"."

"I wanted to thank you for what an eye opener you offered me and a new way to view my closet with your wardrobe consultation. It was so comfortable to open up my closet and all my accessories to you. I thought it would be humbling but it was not at all. You were so professional, got down to business and brought new light to items and combinations that I never realized existed. Not only did I gain the 28 outfits that you put together out of my existing closet but several more from the consultation that you gave me just discussing some of the items and accessories that I own. I was also very pleased with the list of items to look for when I am out shopping. I am not a natural shopper, I get very overwhelmed when I enter a clothing store, unless the sales person puts combinations together for me. The "Wish List" you put together for me has provided me with the items that I have used to tie so many of my outfits together and feel complete. I am very pleased with the results from the consultation and think about it every time I go into my closet for more than just hanging out with the kids kind of day. I reference the outfit photo album regularly. Your wardrobe consultation is perfect for a person like me. Another great surprise...I have only bought a few accessories and "staple" pieces since the consultation that I have wanted. I have not had to buy any new clothes for all of the different functions I have had to attend, I have been able to use the new outfits I didn't know I had. Thank you!"

"I definitely plan on having you back in the very near future it was a wonderful experience!"

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